Long Arm Quilting

A brand new BERNINA Q24 Long Arm Quilting Machine has just arrived at 13 Woodhouse Road. It will give us immense pleasure to quilt your quilt top for you.

Meet Big B (short for the BIG Bernina). 


You can email us at shruti@13woodhouseroad.com to get a quote. Do not forget to include your quilt dimensions, the date you expect the quilt to be ready by and a picture of the quilt top. It will make the process go smoother.


Right now we are offering 3 options for quilting :

It is super easy to check what quilting your quilt will cost you. Just multiply the height of your quilt (in inches) with the width and then multiply by the rate according to the design of your choice.

  1. Simple Design (edge to edge) : Your quilt top will be quilted with a suitable simple design of your choice from among our suggestions. Eg. Stippling, Straight line (not less that 0.5" apart), Wavy lines, Loops, Ribbons etc. The rate for this will be INR 0.20 per square inch.
  2. Complex Design (edge to edge) : Your quilt top will be quilted with a suitable complex design of your choice from among our suggestions. Eg. Feathers, Spirals, Graffiti, Paisley, Matchstick etc. The rate for this will be INR 0.40 per square inch.
  3. Custom Design : Your quilt top will be quilted with a combination of different designs. The rough plan will be shared with you and we will start the work only after your approval. The rate for this will be upwards of INR 0.75 per square inch. The rate will vary according to design of the quilt.


The quoted rate includes quilting with a regular / local brand Polyester thread of a matching / contrast colour. It does not include the backing fabric or the batting.

Here's how much you will have to pay for the extras :

  1. Upgrade to Aurifil Thread : INR 700 per quilt (upto King Size - 100" x 100")
  2. Backing fabric - Indian Cotton Solid / Print :INR 250 per meter, Imported designer fabric  : INR 1000 per meter
  3. Batting - Indian Cotton : INR 250 per meter, Indian Poly blend (thin loft) : INR 200 per meter, Imported Cotton : INR 1200 per meter, Imported Poly blend : INR 800 per meter.
  4. Binding - INR 50 per running foot. (Does not include cost of fabric)


Fill the form below to get your custom quote. Feel free to contact us via email for further information. 

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You can also call us or WhatApp on +91-942-387-3055.