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Do you love the wonderful quilts you see around you? Are you a new quilter who wants to learn this wonderful art? Or are you an intermediate quilter ans want to polish your skills?

We have something for everyone.

I am Shruti, I call myself a modern art quilter. I also am the brand ambassador of BERNINA India, HAVELS SEWING and an AURIFIL Artisan. I am a long-time active member of the Modern Quilt Guild. I was a Faculty Member at QuiltCon Savannah, GA (USA) in February 2017. I have been teaching all over India as a BERNINA Ambassador since 2014. I also am the Regional Representative of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) for India and SE Asia. 

All the wonderful experiences as I have played all these varied roles, has given me an opportunity to rub shoulders with the biggest and the best names in the quilting industry. I have observed them and learnt from them to develop my own style. I have also participated in worldwide mentorship programs to always learn from the best teachers in the industry. And after assimilating a lot of information, I have combined it all to create a style that is my own.

I have always believed in sharing knowledge. If the wonderful generation of quilting bloggers had not been generous with the knowledge they shared through their free tutorials, I would never have been able to be a quilter. I am making a small effort to pay it forward by sharing what I have learnt over the years with you all, my readers.

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