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This is where you can buy quilts that are made by me or by the women I am teaching and supporting! 

I started quilting in 2009. And I have slowly and steadily taught myself how to quilt. I have taught myself new techniques through a lot of trial and errors. The quilts in this collection are some of my best works. They are not easy to part with, but I need to find homes for them where they will be loved and cherished. 

I am sure you will love browsing through the quilts in my store! 

There are some quilts which are not perfect. The finishing is not what I would normally assure you. These quilts are made by some wonderful spirited women from Ichalkaranji. You can check them out here :  not-so-perfect quilt collection. If you buys a quilt from that collection, you will get it at a bargain price. Plus, your purchase will help them run their household and help create a better life. 


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