Passion to Profit

Do you want to start a business doing what you love to do? 

Or are you already doing something that you love and want to convert it into a business?

Maybe you already have a business based on your passion and you want to grow it?

Anything that you may choose from the above, I'm here to help you!

I am Shruti. I started out as an Architect who took up quilting on a sabbatical and made it into my full time business. 


I am someone who was a creative businesswoman since the age of 13. That was my first venture. I made Diwali lanterns to sell in my Uncle's shop. We kids went there to help when our vacations began, and one Diwali I had this brilliant idea of making some lanterns from Thermocol (Styrofoam) sheets and selling them. I made them and then roped in my brothers to sell them, even paying them a commission on sales if they managed to sell mine instead of the ready made ones. We made good money in the business. And, of course, spent it all on crackers that Diwali!

I had my own practice as an architect for 3 years before I got married and moved to Sangli. I had completed a large variety of projects right from residential to commercial and even industrial buildings! I considered myself as a successful architect. I had a hard time starting my own business in Sangli - a town that was culturally very different from my home town. After three months of playing Solitaire on my computer while I waited for clients to come to my new office, I packed up my business and joined a local architectural firm as the senior Architect. I was happy, newly married and earning a five figure salary in a laid back town!

All hell broke loose when I fell sick with Chikungunya and I had to take a sabbatical. But then the most beautiful thing happened. I found my passion! Quilting! You can find my journey as a quilter here. As my involvement in quilting grew, so did my desire to make this into a business. I started with baby steps and today, I have a business that is legally and technically - a Business.

In my journey as a Creative Entrepreneur, I realized that most women around me started their businesses when someone said, "You're good at this! Will you make it for me?" They never had plans to make it their business even though they might be earning enough to run their households and pay for their children's education! They did not start with the intention of starting a business. Their passion grew into a business, and now they are overwhelmed with the things they need to do to keep themselves upfloat and legal!

I'm here to help all those Creative Women Entrepreneurs to get a grip on their venture and convert their 

Passion to Profit!

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