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I live in Sangli which is right next to a hub of textile industries - Ichalkaranji. You can find numerous spinning mills here. I even located a batting factory that makes batting out of recycled plastic bottles! It is also a very renowned center for hand weaving mills. There are also garment factories in Ichalkaranji that have been making clothes and accessories for leading big stores worldwide (Target, Accessorize, etc). 

For the past few years, as more and more production has been shifted to China, a lot of these garment factories have been out of work. They have industrial sewing machines, multi-head embroidery machines and a work force! The work force is mainly consisting of women between the ages of 25 - 50. A lot of these women are the sole bread winners of their families. Some of them have husbands who are either daily wage earners (who earn about 2-5$ per day) or not working at all. These women are also usually victims of domestic abuse. But they have an undying spirit!!!

The closure of the garment industries, is causing these women to be out of work. Through a local friend of mine, I am teaching these women how to quilt. It gives me immense satisfaction to be able to do my bit to help them out of the tricky situation!

Some of them know how to quilt, but not all.

I will be listing the quilts made by them in this section. Some of the quilts will not be perfect, they are still learning. But you buying one of these will help them build better homes!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking about purchasing  one of these quilts. The maker will be thrilled to have you as their customer.

Note : All proceeds from the sale of these quilts go to the women directly. I do not take a share of profit (other than my basic expenses) from this amount. By buying one of these quilts, you will be helping keep the stove burning in one home!

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