ABOUT face

ABOUT face

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"I am not an artist, how can I make a portrait?"

"I cannot draw a straight line how can I make a portrait?"

"Its just too much work to make a portrait quilt!"

"I dont have the patience to work for months on a portrait quilt!"

If you think any of the above, here's an answer to your questions.

ABOUT face is a book that takes you step by step through the process of selecting a photograph, editing it, choosing the right fabric and actually making it into a quilt!

In this book, I will give you an extensive step-by-step that will make you comfortable and help you create your first portrait quilt!

Why did I write the book?

There are a lot of books out there by talented quilters that will guide you to make a portrait quilt. Why did I decide to write my book?

I am one of you! I had been quilting only for FOUR years when I made my first portrait quilt! And I was making it using the raw edge applique method.

I was terrified!

I could not remember why I started it! It had more than 3500 pieces. I had to cut every piece thrice! Once from the template, once from the fusible webbing and once from the fabric! It took me 3 long months to make it. At times it looked like it was going to take forever! When I finished it, I was happy and proud of making a portrait quilt and yet knew in my heart that if it took this long to make, I was never making another one!

I think I only completed it because it was a gift for my husband and his family. Dada Ajoba was a person who has been the inspiration for all Dandekars. We owe everything to him and his undying spirit.

That is when ABOUT face was born! I wanted a method that was easy, did not require any special material and something that absolutely anyone can make!

That's when I made the iQuilt.


This quilt was a turning point in my life and my career!

I made this one in just 7 days! And I only worked for about 2 hours everyday!

I knew I had to share my technique with everyone. It took me one whole year to actually gather the courage to write the book. But when it was done, I was so happy!

Why should you buy the book?

Because, it will make the process of making a portrait quilt not just easy to do, but also enjoyable.

Because, it will give you a sense of satisfaction almost immediately.

Because, it will take away the fear of making a portrait from your minds.

Because, it make making portraits FUN!

Dont forget to share your quilt across social media using the hashtag #ABOUTface. I will love to see it!