Why I used Shopify to make my website?

You all know that I launched this website last month. Earlier I had two different websites - both were actually blogs - 13 Woodhouse Road was hosted on Blogger and Shruti Dandekar was hosted on Wordpress (blog). Why did I choose Shopify as my platform even though my focus was my website and not my store?


Normally, when people think of Shopify they look at it as a platform to build stores one. A place to sell stuff. But I decided to use this platform to build my website.

It is unusual, but not that rare. There are others like me who use Shopify to host their websites. Some of them do not even have a store! 

So what made me take this step?
Why did I choose Shopify over other alternatives that I had?
What plans do I have for my store section?
Because my brother said so.  When it comes to technology, I trust my little brother's instinct and recommendations. He is the tech guy in the family. He builds Apps for a living! So, when he gives me some advice about technology, I take it!
But yes, I do have better reasons to do that.
It needs minimal technical know-how. You do not need to know a lot of technical gibberish to build your website on Shopify . The platform is user friendly and it has several free themes to choose from to help you build your website. Though most of the themes are made as stores, they can easily be customized to make a beautiful website.
It has a blog. Another important feature I wanted was an integrated blog. I did not want to maintain my blog on another platform (certainly not blogger). I wanted my blog to be integrated with my website - all the analytics and editing could be done in one place!
They have awesome customer service. I have only had to go to customer service a couple of times (and mostly only because I failed to see something right in front of me. But their response time was less than 12 hours! I am super satisfied with the way they treat their customer.
A store was always in mind. I always knew I did not want just a website. I wanted a store too. So, having an e-commerce platform rather than just a web hosting platform made sense. 
It is not expensive. At $29 per month, it is not very expensive. Yes, it is not cheap, but it does not burn such a big hole in my pocket that it hurts. But it also costs an amount that when deducted from my account makes me aware that I cannot just let it idle. That amount pushes me to perform.
SEO is easy. Believe me, I have been as scared of the word SEO as you are. But with Shopify , it is not only easy to optimize my product listings, but everything on my website right from my home page to every blog post. 
The apps make life simpler. I love the integrated free (and paid) apps. I use MailChimp (because I use that for my email list), Disqus (for my comments) and Plug in SEO (for the obvious purpose) on my website along with a few others that make my life easier.
I always thought that having my own website would be a lot of (boring and irritating) work. But it has never been more fun! I actually look forward to spending time on my website, writing posts, listing products or just looking at how it is growing. 
Right now, my main focus is on creating content that will grow my business in all the right directions. 
The store will help sell quilts.
The blog will help quilters learn new techniques and know more about quilting.
And the blog will also help me help women entrepreneurs start and grow their creative home businesses, taking their passion to profit!
In the coming days, you will see a lot more free content on my blog as well as more and more products added in my Passion to Profit section of the store that will help you take your business to a whole new level. 
If you are thinking of building your own website and aren't yet looking at Shopify as a platform option, I urge you to do it. Just take their free 14 day trial and you will get acquainted with their features.
Later this year, I will be creating a course that will take you step by step through the process of setting up your own website. Till  then, go ahead and tinker with what you can.


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