RHYTHM : A Work in Progress

Have you ever made a quilt that might always be a work in progress? No, I'm not talking about the ones that are WIPs because you got bored or overwhelmed. I'm talking about intentionally making a quilt that is destined to be a work in progress for eternity!


As usual, this one started with an idea. Those who know me know that though my son is a pro at singing, even classical, my ears are as good as deaf. I cannot tell ‘good’ music from ‘not good’. But I have always worked to the rhythm of music for as long as I can remember. I am a very emotional person and music does affect me immensely. Softer music soothes me, while dance numbers make me feel energetic. I know that the sound track from ‘Fashion’ helps me get more work done at home while I enjoy that of 'Dear Zindagi' while cooking.


As my son has recently started studying classical vocal music, I am making an attempt to understand it and maybe even enjoy it. The first step has to be being aware of what I am listening to. This quilt was more like an exercise for that.  And I absolutely enjoyed making it. 

Rhythm is a small-ish mini quilt 13” x 15”. Made from solids from my stash -some hand dyed, some not. It started with seeing paintings by Paul Kramer popping in my Pinterest feed. Loved his colours and composition. That inspired the top. 

Then I just took a handful of #Aurifil spools and a hand sewing needle home along with the quilt. Whenever I found a moment, I would just put on some random music - the Google Mini (thank you Yogesh and Asmita) usually made the choice for me - and I stitched to the beat of the song. 


I listened to songs I had never heard before and loved them and also got pretty bored of some that I thought I liked! I discovered that trance music actually helped me get into a nice comfortable rhythm while slow soulful notes almost made me doze off. 


Is it done? Technically, since it is faced, YES. But I don’t know if I will sometime in the future want to spend more time with it. So I believe it’s always going to be a WIP (work in progress). I'm wondering how it will be appreciated in quilt shows? Will it be considered 'current' even after 2 years? 

What d oyou think? Have you ever made a quilt that is about process rather than about the design? Do share your work with me! I'd love to see it.

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  • Beautiful composition. I really like your little hand stitched music marks.


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