Precious Metals

Indian women are well known for their love of jewelry. Especially precious one. In any town in India you will find not just a shop, but maybe a whole lane lined with shops of goldsmiths. Gold jewelry is considered to be the most precious. It is followed by Silver. Recently Platinum has started showing up, but Gold still stays on the top. Diamonds are pretty expensive still, so a select few really buy them. All this jewelry comes in variety of designs - both traditional and modern.

Here's me wearing my favorite traditional gold jewelry. I don't wear any jewelry everyday except my ring and maybe some earrings. But on special occasions - Diwali or weddings and such - I love to get it all out and flaunt it. It goes really well with sarees!


The colors of this quilt were inspired by the two popular precious metals - Gold, and Silver. It started as stacks of greys and yellows. I cut them up into strips and then cut up the gold ones into triangles. I wanted them to be the central ones. Then i cut the grey ones into rectangles and then cut them along the diagonals to make Half-rectangle-triangles. I then pieced each block with a gold triangle in the center with two silver ones at its sides. All the blocks were cut and stitched without measurements.


I then gathered and stitched them into rows after adding little rectangles to the bottom of smaller blocks making them all roughly the same height. I pieced the rows together to make a large triangle. 

My original plan was to make more blocks with only the greys for the negative space. But that made the quilt look a lot more chaotic. So I dropped that idea and instead used a lovely soft linen from my stash to piece the quilt top in the same manner as each block. By cutting the central pieced part into at triangle and cutting two half-rectangle-triangles from the linen. 


Now came the time to quilt it. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to quilt it. I wanted to quilt it with two different designs, one in the central pieced section and one around it.


In the end I did straight lines on the central portion and pebbles on the linen. I separated the two designs with Angela-Walters-swirls. I totally loved how this one turned out to be.


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