Is your mindset business ready?

When you start a business, you have so many things to worry about. Thinking about your mindset does not even touch your mind (forgive my lame attempt at a joke). You are more focused on launching your idea and seeing it reach the most number of people and hence earn more profits!

But do you know that by not having the right mindset while starting your business you are doing much more harm than you can imagine? I'll explain how in just a few minutes.


Starting a business makes you very much vulnerable. You feel exposed. You feel like every little thing you do - your products or services, your marketing, your ideas, skills, hell, even the way you dress is up for criticism. It is too easy to be overwhelmed by all of it. And even easier to loose your confidence.

The only thing that can help you not fall prey to it is changing your mindset. I know ow scary it is to start a business. And how even more scarier it is to tell everyone about it. Shifting your mindset will help you deal with your fears and anxieties better.

So how can you actually shift your mindset so that you are business ready?

Start your day well.

Always start your day doing the things that you love to do. I wake up and meditate at least for 10 minutes before I do anything else. It recharges my mind and clears space for ideas. I have realized that ever since I started meditating, I have been better at distancing myself from negativity. Starting your day doing something that you love uplifts your mood instantly and gives you the tempo to go through the day at full speed!

Be ready for change.

In business changes come everyday. In form of customers, products, processes or even currency (remember 8th Nov 2016, Indians?) or taxes. Be ready for changes at the most inconvenient times. If you are working honestly and to your best capacity, no change can harm your business. Any upheaval that  might occur will only be temporary. Train your mind to change your approach from time to time. 

Stay connected with the present.

Living in the present might be the most simple idea that I am suggesting, but we all entrepreneurs are so fascinated by our goals and dreams that we tend to forget about the reality sometimes. We tend to focus on the goal itself. But, I urge you to focus on the efforts to achieve the goals instead. Sometimes we also keep on worrying about what the future might hold. More often than not, our worries are completely irrelevant. Train your mind to concentrate on the present. It will take you a long way in your business.

Find motivation.

Look for motivation around you. Talk to yourself using positive sentences. Don't say "I don't want debt" Say "I want enough money to be debt-free". Throughout the day, congratulate yourself (and your staff) on things that you do right. 

Listen to music that makes your blood rush.

Music plays a huge role in my day! I love listening to songs that inspire me. "I am woman" by Helen Reddy is one of my favorite ones. The lyrics make me feel proud to be a woman and they inspire me to help other women achieve their dreams!

Conquer your fears.

And its not just for taglines. (Dar ke aagey jeet hai - Success comes just after crossing fear). Learn to be scared to your bones and yet doing it. Just go ahead and do it. Do not say you cannot, till you have done it at least once - be it anything - public speaking, exhibiting your work or even investing in your business.

Own up.

Stop blaming other things or people for your problems. Own them. Own your successes too! Be responsible. Train yourself to look for the real source of the problem and work pout ways to find a solution. 

Stop comparing.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Work out your own goals and your plan of action to attain them. Compare yourself only with your past self. If you want to know more about how to stop comparing yourself to others, check out my blog post here

I am hoping my tips will help you develop a business ready mindset. Do you have any more tips to add to my list?


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