Favorite holiday destination

What a wonderfully timed blog post is this! Today we are leaving for a four day holiday to our favorite destination. Ont that we visit every year. It calls out to us - the sun, the sand, the beaches... Goa!


All three of us love Goa. The place has a vibe that is just awesome. And we go there normally twice a year! Once in the summer and once after Diwali. Today is the day we are heading out on our 230-ish kilometer drive to Goa!

My first visit to Goa was when I was pregnant and we realized we will not be able to holiday alone for many years to come! I was not a fan of sea food then, and so was not very enthusiastic about the trip. But at the first meal I fell in love with the King Fish and Prawns!!!

Every year after that, we have visited and enjoyed Goa together! Its a place that all three of us, Rohit, Aadi and me, love!!!

The trips are a lot of fun!!! When we go with Aadi, we do visit a few places where he can have fun. Like the Science Center or the Aeronautical Museum or the Butterfly Garden.

Normally we spend a lot of time in the day roaming around the northern part of Goa - Calangute and Baga are our favorites. Not to forget a trip to Panjim for some delicious lunch!!!

When we go without Aadi, the places we visit are usually different! Goa is the most fun place for a couple to spend time!!!


What makes Goa irresistible to us?

The beaches! All 3 of us love the beaches. Every evening that we are in Goa, we spend it idling at the beach. 


We usually eat dinner at one of the shacks on the beach itself. We usually spend our time at the Calangute-Baga beach and love the restaurants there. If we are planning on dining out, we will usually have drinks at the beach and then go to some restaurant for dinner before heading back to the hotel!

Last year, since we went via Karnataka (for my visit to the Siddi Communities) we stayed at a wonderful hotel in southern Goa - Agonda- H2O. It was a beautiful place, right on the beach. 


The cottages were right on the beach! It was so beautiful, we actually wanted to spend another day!


If i say lets not go to Goa this year, I'm sure i'm going to be greeted with faces like this!!!

Keep following me on Instagram to see where we go to this year! I will be posting a lot of stories!

And, I have a webinar coming up while I am in Goa. So I will be connecting with all of you in my webinar from the most favorite place of mine (apart from home, of course)! Don't forget to join in if you are an MQG member. 

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