40 things to do before 40

I'm celebrating the beginning of my 40th year on the 2nd of January! It prompted me to make a list of 40 things I would like to do before I finally make it to the big 4-0!


Here's my list :

1. Learn to swim. Everyone who knows me knows I cannot swim. But I really want to learn to swim this year! Take the fear out of it.

2. Finish a marathon (5K). Already signed up for one on the 25th of Feb. Looking forward to cross it off my list.

3. Learn to dance. I have two left feet. So this is going to be fun!

4. Loose 10 kg and keep it off. Eternally on my to-do list. But this year I want to loose it and keep it off.

5. Wear a little black dress and rock it! This can only happen after #1, #2 and #4 have happened! 

6. Write a letter to 3 of my closest friends and post it. It might involve texting them for their addresses, but I will do this!

7. Learn to ride a bike again. I ride a scooter everyday. I want to learn how to ride a bicycle again so that I can go on rides with my son.

8. Organize all photos on my laptop & hard drive. This one just needs to be done. Period.

9. Learn a new language. Spanish? German? Sanskrit? Learn something new.

10. Take a 7 day break from all electronics. I badly need to do this every year. Stay away from my computer, phone, even TV and kindle.

11. Finish a 30 day challenge. I'm thinking either a fitness one or a decluttering one.

12. Downsize wardrobe to 40 items. Except accessories and sarees. 40 items for everyday use.

13. Pay off all debt. This one is pretty self explanatory.

14. Splurge on a day at the salon. Spend a day getting pampered. 

15. Start wearing heels often. I was a girl who loved her heels. I wore stilettos and enjoyed them. After pregnancy everything changed. I want to start reaching out for my heels (wedges qualify) more often than my flats.

16. Create a font from my handwriting. That will also involve how to do that. It should be fun!

17. Plant a tree. And keep it alive.

18. Watch the sunrise. Maybe when I visit Chennai next.

19. Watch the sunset. Maybe on my next trip to Goa.

20. Meditate 15-20 minutes everyday. Right now I meditate for 10 mins. Need to be able to do more.

21. Get a Mac. Get rid of my broken laptop- no speakers, no mic, no down arrow - and get myself a shiny new Mac.

22. Make one new recipe every month. I guess that translates as cook at leats once a month.

23. Make a scrapbook. Include things that I would like my grand children to remember about me.

24. Finish my book. I had started writing a book, in fact two books - fiction. I need to finish those now.

25. Create a fabulous studio. And not just on pinterest.

26. Ride a roller coaster. Its been 13 years since I did that. I need to get back on one!

27. Get red streaks in my hair. Wanted to do this for a long time now. Its never the right time. But now is good enough.

28. Binge watch chick flicks on Netflix. Make a list of all movies I want to watch and spend a weekend watching them. Maybe after I get my Mac.

29. Buy something expensive for myself. Maybe a pair of Jimmy Choos or a Chanel bag or perfume.

30. Buy, frame and put up art around the house. I currently have art, but it is not really planned. I want more art that is planned and put up.

31. Create a family photo gallery wall. In the staircase? Or maybe the study?

32. Donate blood.  Have done that before, but would like to do it again.

33. Fill the organ donation form. Again, self explanatory.

34. Take Mom & Dad out for an extravagant dinner. They've always lived a humble life. I want to take them out to a wonderful dinner at some high end restaurant.

35. Climb a mountain. The last one I climbed was about 12 years back. I need to do it again.

36. Go on a romantic weekend with Rohit. We haven't done that in ages - just the two of us.

37. Learn to use makeup and wear it often. Maybe when I wear my heels!

38. Start a retirement fund. 

39. Find a hobby. Now that quilting is my full time job, I need a hobby! Find one.

40. Fly first class. It could be just an hour. But I want to fly first class at least once.


What's on your bucket list? Are you hitting a milestone birthday?Do you have any more ideas for me? Drop a line and let me know. 

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