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I'm Shruti, and I live in Sangli, a quaint little town in India!!! I love getting up early (4 am), making quilts and teaching!

My favorites are quilts that break rules and I enjoy teaching surprisingly easy ways of making quilts! Be prepared for a lot of 'un'learning when you attend my classes. I also love helping Creative Women Entrepreneurs start and grow successful home-based businesses!!! 

Shruti Dandekar - Quilter, Creative Women Entrepreneur Coach



Dada Ajoba (2012)

33" x 48"

Raw edge appliqued, realistic portrait made using more than 3500 pieces of over 30 shades of Gray.

Took 3 months to make!


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (11th President of India) - 2015

30" x 30"

Reverse Applique Quilt using 3 shades - White - Gray - Black.

Made in 2 days!


P2 - the way he writes it!

8" x 10"

This is a small quick portrait made using black thread & white fabric. 

Completed in 6-7 hours

Blog posts

Batch Working : How I use it to keep me sane

Batch Working : How I use it to keep me sane

I am a creative person with a thousand ideas running through my mind at any given time. And it is really difficult for me to stay on top of everything. There is just too much to do. How do I manage to work on everything that I want to do? I am sharing my secret with you. It will definitely help you be more productive in your work. 

In This Post You Will Get To Know How To Be More Productive And How To Plan Accordingly.

Understanding your Why

Understanding your Why

Understanding your Why: How it helps you to be aware of why you started it in the first place!Just stating the reason behind the action reminds you of your purpose and motivates you to gear up to complete what you started!

Do you have an overwhelming task or not-so-fun work to do? Try this way of articulating your why, and do let me know if it worked for you.



Hello!!! Here's presenting a tutorial for a SUPER easy wallet!!!Follow the guidelines and your SUPER Easy Wallet is ready to Rock.Carry it around and flaunt it! If you make one of these, share them with the #ShrutiDandekar so that I can see them! I would love to share them too!!!

In This Tutorial You Will Learn To Make Quick, Easy, And Simple, Your Own SUPER Easy Wallets!!!

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